How we got started

We have years of experience, passion and inspiration in event planning and teaching or hosting activities, 

so Coheali Experience is actually a combination of what we love to do, and what we know how to do well.

The idea came after we observe how much waste is left after each visit in nature

but especially during special occasions due to the single use products which are used.

The vision is to give an alternative choice to the standardized way we celebrate or have fun.
We strongly believe that you can still enjoy life and the comforts but in a more mindful and harmful way!

The purpose is to help people change their way of thinking, to think before they choose to celebrate something

because this world needs us to care

The name meaning - coheali is the Greek word kohili which means seashell.
We chose it because it symbolizes a lot. It's spiral shape reflects the spiral flow of energy in life.
 it also symbolizes home, since it is the actual home for tiny sea creatures.
It exists for years on earth so it symbolizes wisdom and healing.
You can find it where water exists or existed. Nature is full of the spiral shape.

Spiral shapes & patterns, Energy flow, water, nature, healing

are some of the qualities we love and consist our driving force.